Fabrice Le Lec
(assistant professor in economics at the Catholic University of Lille)

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- Research

-- Working papers

       Punishment fosters efficiency in the minimum effort game, with Ondrej Rydval (MPI Jena) and Astrid Matthey (MPI Jena)

       On choice attitude -- Some experimental evidence of choice aversion, with Benoît Tarroux (Univ. Rennes 1, CREM cnrs)

       Testing game theory without the social preference confound, with Michal Krawczyk (Univ. Warsaw)

-- Publications

      'Give me a chance', An experiment in social preference under risk, with Michal Krawczyk, Experimental Economics, XXX, XX
      (A former working paper version of it circulated as "Social decision under risk")

     On fatalistic long-term health behavior, with Serge Macé, Journal of Economic Psychology, XXXX, XXX

     Bayesian fondations for game theory? A comment ...., with Alain Leroux, XXX, XXX.

-- Research Interests

     Experimental economics
     Behavioral economics
     Behavioral finance

More specifically : social preferences, heuristic decision-making, behavioral game theory, choice attitude, risk and uncertainty,